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oh so yes

I like men now.

A very win animation.

Nice job, Tiger. The story of this seems quite entertaining, and it just might be a very winner series that you're starting.

The animation was very smooth right here, though there were some things that could have been animated slower, but the quick animation scheme goes well with a story about ninja. The style was great, with the nighttime feel of everything. The cloudiness, enshrouded surroundings, and lighting were all perfect. I felt like it was really dramatic right there.

The sound effects and music were well-picked and put in, though I think you really should have made the sound KBPS rate a bit higher, because it sounded sorta scratchy on my speakers here and there.

The violence was well animated, and the blood splatters were well animated and drawn, like it was quite real, but again, try not to animate so fast with everything.

pwn right here : D


You, sir, have just won the internet with this. The message is clear, and that dick needs to die.

notoriousm responds:

not only was it illegal but it actually won something

that's what gets me upset.

Thanks for the good review Fragz

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Awesome job, dude!

Way to go, Norwegians! This is the best puzzle game I have ever played. I love it. I say it is quite swell, my friend. :D

Very good, yet basic.

I like it. It's a wonderful game. Though I have a question.

I'd like to be making a game that requires a lot of collision testing. How do you make it so a movie clip collisions an actual object instead of its square area? I'd love a reply.

Good, but...

Trillian pwns all.

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I was told to listen to this song by Gate_keeper_girl. I believed her and she was right that this was the best song ever. This song is awesome! You made my day!

GodSpeedIam responds:

Oh wow, best song ever? I'm blushin. Thanks a ton. Like I keep saying I have 2 more in the same series. I'll upload them soon. This was my second favorite of the 3.


This was awesome! So calm and peaceful . . . BIG THUMBS UP! You and RageVI are great music makers! :)

HouseMasta responds:

thanks a lot!

This think is rated 10.00 / 10.00.

Ani I intend to keep it that way.

HouseMasta responds:

thanks a lot!

lol hai .3. I hate Newgrounds.

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